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Core Fundamentals for Business Breakthrough

December 20, 2018

No matter how many new tactics and tools come up in the industry, the core fundamentals will never change. Why is this the same for both new agents and agents trying to level up? How can you avoid the stalemate? Why is consistency so critical? On this episode, Brendon Payne offers valuable insight on what to do when it feel like we’ve plateaued in business.  


Breaking through as a top agent requires similar strategies as those for a new agent. -Greg Harrelson


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Takeaways + Tactics

  • Both top agents and those new to the industry should constantly refer to core fundamentals.

  • The core fundamentals are skills, contacts and systems. Contacts, in particular, are non-negotiable.

  • Once success is attained, the means of attainment should never be discounted.


In a world that privileges innovation and constant change, a desire to find new ways of doing business is to be expected. However, even while exploring new avenues, it’s important to stick with the core fundamentals that helped you attain success in the first place. Rather than searching for breakthroughs, entrepreneurs need to constantly revisit the basics that built them.