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How to Develop Your Lead Generation and Build Confidence w/John Senk

A lot of agents shy away from lead generation, but it’s one of the best places to start in the industry. How can you focus on lead generation and let it take you to the next level? How can you build confidence along the way? On this episode, I talk with C21 agent John Senk to hear his advice.



Poor responses are just a response: don’t make it mean anything more than what it does. -Brendon Payne


Takeaways + Tactics 

  • Go out and hunt. Lead generation requires you to look for new clients every day. Accept that it’s part of the job and something you have to do.

  • It’s okay to be scared. Use your fear to master one step at a time. If you’re uncomfortable going out as an agent or doing SEO, don’t force yourself to master it all at once. Start with one thing and then move on once you’re more comfortable.

  • As you build a bigger database, you’ll become more confident. Focus on getting as many reps as you can. As you go along, your confidence will soar.


At the start of the episode, John explained why he got started in lead generation. He then shared his daily routine and mentioned that without repeating the steps everyday, he wouldn’t be where he is now.


We also discussed: 

  • Overcoming the challenge of monotony
  • Not taking bad responses personally
  • Why repetition is key

So many real estate professionals avoid lead generation because of its monotony and the possibility of being mistreated by the people on the other side of the call. The sooner you can accept it as part of the job, and something over which you have no control, the sooner you’ll be able to start working more effectively. Lead generation might not be ‘fun’ but it is a necessary part of the job. More importantly, it’s a part of the job that can boost your business tremendously, if done right.


Guest Bio- 

John Senk is a real estate agent at C21 in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. After starting in the industry by focussing on lead generation, John has seen great success in the time since then. John firmly believes in getting the job done no matter what, and strongly recommends all agents accept monotony and just work consistently. 


To find out more about John, head to https://www.linkedin.com/in/john-senk-641b36124 

You can find out about his listings and see his client testimonials at https://www.century21.com/CENTURY-21-The-Harrelson-Group-43541c/JOHN-SENK-4951055a 

How to Scale Your Business Across States Without Losing Engagement w/Rob D’Amico

The world is becoming smaller by the minute, thanks to virtual communication and work opportunities. How can you grow your business by using online tools without creating a remote work environment that lacks engagement? Is it possible to build real relationships with your team members by using technology? On this episode, Executive Vice President of Century 21 NS Group, Robert D’Amico, shares how he’s built a strong team of 800 agents spanning 4 states.



Takeaways + Tactics

  • Surround yourself with the right people who suit your company culture. You need to have supportive people in your business who can easily assimilate.
  • Communication is key. Stay in contact with your team through social media, internal emails and videos of trainings. Communication is vital for a successful business, so use a range of platforms to stay in touch.
  • Stay relevant regardless of distance by focussing on one region at a time. That way, you have a more localized approach that agents can better relate to.


We also discussed;

  • Family-based businesses
  • Building relationships while scaling
  • Continual training of agents around the country


While social media has allowed us to be more connected than ever before, the option for working remotely always poses a threat to real engagement. No matter how easy it’s become for teams to work independently, it’s always important for management to maintain a presence. Remember to stay locally relevant. You may have a team that sprawls across the country, but keep striving to create a family environment.


Guest Bio-

Rob D’Amico is the Executive Vice President at the Century 21 NS Group. The group has seen tremendous success, and has a presence in over 40 locations. It’s also 800 agents strong, and crosses 4 states. Rob attributes a lot of this to building a ‘family tree’ concept at work, and on top of working alongside his cousin and wife, he feels that the company does so well because it strives to include all members in a family environment. Rob is a fierce advocate for using social media tools to communicate with his team, and stresses the importance of relationships to advance.


To find out more about Rob, head to: https://www.century21.com/CENTURY-21-North-East3287c/Robert-D%27Amico-214344a


From Zero To 100 Real Quick: Learn How Abe Safa Sold 100+ Properties in His 3rd Year of Being Licensed

Prospecting plays a big role in our business growth and success as agents, but many of us are put off by this part of our job. How can we change our mindset when it comes to prospecting? How can we have more valuable and successful conversations with new leads? What could incorporating automation into our prospecting process do for our business?

In this episode, Abe Safa explains what it took for him to go from 40 to over 100 transactions in three years, and how we can apply this to our own business growth.



Takeaways + Tactics

  • When we are confident in conversation, both our interactions and results change in a way that positively impacts our business.

  • When we use automation as an extension of our prospecting process, we can reach significantly more leads.

  • The leads that we think are bad or dead leads often aren’t, we just haven’t called enough times to get them on the phone.

On this episode we discussed how Abe Safa went from 40 to over 100 deals a year after just three years in the real estate industry, as well as how he overcame his resistance to prospecting and significantly increased his business growth.

We also discussed:

  • How confidence impacts business growth
  • Using automation to reach more leads
  • Making enough attempts on a lead


We are often resistant to prospecting, but it is a necessary part of our job as agents if we are to have any significant business growth. Preparation through listening to podcasts, watching videos, role playing and script mastering can make prospecting easier, and when we speak with presence and confidence our conversations become more valuable and successful. By using tools like automation as an extension of our prospecting process, we can spend more time talking to leads and less time trying to reach them. This increases our bandwidth and will take our business success to the next level.


Guest Bio-

Abe Safa is the Founder of and mind behind Contact Junkie, a software company that scales your business through technology. He grew up in New York and moved to the Myrtle Beach area to attend Coastal Carolina in 1988. Since graduating in 1991, he's lived there and has owned several successful retail stores. Abe started working at age 13, and has been selling or running businesses for over 34 years. He went from being a new licensee to having over 100 transactions per year. His business background and experience in negotiating and marketing, combined with his unique and precise analytical skills, leaves no doubt that he is a valuable resource. Abe loves to challenge himself and believes that life is all about growing and improving yourself and your community.




How to Make the Most of Your Sphere of Influence w/Dusty LaBossiere

As new agents, it's critical to build momentum and generate business using the resources we already have. How can we authentically and effectively use our center of influence? How can we nurture our database? How can social media help us remain visible and relevant? In this episode, Dusty LaBossiere explains how the majority of his business comes from referrals and warm connections, and what we can do to become top producing agents.



Any agent who really wants to develop their sphere of influence should do so through passive advertising and staying top of mind through social media. -Dusty LaBossiere


Takeaways + Tactics

  • We need to be highly organized and advertise ourselves in an authentic, regular and intentional way in order to nurture our database.

  • New real estate agents who don’t have a lot of money to spend on advertising need to be consistently top of mind through social media. If you don’t have someone’s attention, you don’t have a shot at their business.

  • If you have good relationships and are a likeable person, and you mix that with good work ethic and a good level of service, people will naturally gravitate towards you and want to work with you.

On this episode we discussed how we can generate more business from our centre of influence, and Dusty Labossiere explains how he turned his life around and became the top individual producer at Century 21 Results, Atlanta.

We also discussed:

  • How to effectively nurture our database
  • Why new agents need to use social media for business growth
  • What we need for people to want to work with us

As a new agents we can get ourselves out there and build our database by using social media as well as our centre of influence. When using social media to reach potential clients, we need to be authentic, consistent and intentional. Being authentic in our professional and personal life and building relationships with people helps us grow and retain our sphere of influence. When we combine this with the underlying foundation of delivering good service, we can provide real value to people and generate more business.

Guest Bio-

Dusty LaBossiere is the Founder of the LaBoss Group and is a top producing individual agent of Century 21 Results, Atlanta. He was born and raised in Metro-Atlanta and is intimately in-tune with the ins and outs of his hometown market. In an industry that's constantly evolving, Dusty has a proven track record of providing outstanding client service regardless of who he is representing. In 2018, Dusty was Top Producer as individual agent out of 220+ agents at his brokerage. Century 21 Results was named #7 most productive C21 office nationwide. In the short three years he has been a full-time realtor, he has become the most productive agent at one of the most productive C21 offices in the country.



Why Wealth is Built Through Boredom

Time and time again, we’re reminded that success comes from repeating steps. Which ‘boring’ steps should you continue to take? How can you stop thinking of your routines in a negative way? On this episode, we’re discussing why mundane, everyday activities are crucial for success.



If you want the highs, you have to do the boring things. -Matt Johnson


Takeaways + Tactics

  • Following ‘boring’ routines is really a simple approach to mastery.

  • It’s fun to create something new, but remember that a lot of our great ideas don't get brought to completion.

  • There is the “doing”, and there's the “perception of the doing”


If you think about some of the most celebrated sports stars, like Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan, they often have something in common: committed, repeated activity. Even when they’re at the top of their games, they’re continuing to practice the steps that took them to the top in the first place. Don’t allow yourself to be put off by the banality. You’re mastering small steps, every single day.

Change Your Story… Change Your Result

Entrepreneurs in the real estate space often avoid certain lead generation strategies in favor of the one they use most often. Is the strategy used the most also the strategy most effective? Why are agents so inclined to keep doing the same thing, rather than trying new avenues? On this episode, we’re discussing why you need to change your story to see different results.



Takeaways + Tactics

  • Pay attention to the story you’re telling. You must have an understanding of the narrative you share.

  • Ask yourself if the story you’re telling is true.

  • Question why you keep sharing a particular narrative. Chances are, you had a bad experience with it in the past.

Most of the time, the narratives we share are based on an experience we had with strategies in the past. If you had a poor experience with For Sale By Owners, for example, you’re likely to avoid revisiting the situation. Learn to identify when you’re generalizing and perpetuating a negative narrative. You have to change the story to change your results.

New Century 21 CEO - Mike Miedler Discusses Why People Are the Core of Your Business Growth


Real estate is a relationship-based business, and we can use technology and professional development to increase and improve the success of our business. How do we create a mutually beneficial environment where we grow as a company and our people also experience personal growth? How do we make technological advancement work for us rather than against us? Why should we invest time and resources into training and coaching for our people? In this episode, Century 21 CEO Mike Miedler discusses why he focuses his attention on training and coaching, and how we should embrace using technology in the real estate industry.



It’s about understanding the hopes, fears and dreams of our agents and brokers so that we can help them be better with their business. -Mike Miedler


Takeaways + Tactics

  • If someone is representing our company well, and we are helping them with their growth, then they are likely to be a great advocate for our brand.
  • We need to embrace technology so that when we are inevitably doing business at a lower margin, we are also dealing with higher volumes. This ultimately increases revenue, profitability, and income.
  • By pushing people forward and giving them the right training and coaching, people can internalize the process, execute it in the field and increase their productivity and profit.


Want to Know Where Greg Harrelson Gets His DATA? 

Click here:



We also discussed:

  • What makes someone a great advocate for your brand
  • Why we should embrace technology
  • How training can increase productivity and profit


As business owners, we should be focused on growing our company in the best ways possible. The people in our company are key to this, and by providing the tools and systems they need to reach their goals, we are in turn reaching our goals as leaders. Technology plays a big role in business today, and we need to embrace this in the real estate industry so that we can be more productive and serve our client base effectively.


Guest Bio-

Mike Miedler is the President and CEO of one of the smartest, boldest, fastest and largest real estate companies in the world: Century 21. Mike has more than 20 years of experience with the Century 21 brand in various roles. He is a leader in residential and commercial real estate franchising, brokerage, and management, and understands the important role the international markets play in expanding the brand and the system’s growth opportunities. Mike can connect you with local experts anywhere on the planet if you need insight, trends, excellent customer service, flawless execution or just simple advice for any type of real estate transaction. He specializes in people and helping them achieve their goals. https://www.century21.com

How to Survive When Net Commissions Drop


Real estate agents have been concerned about commission compression and the idea that they’ll eventually be replaced. If we stop listening and observe what is actually happening, we will see that the main concern lies in referral fees cutting into our net profit. Why don’t we have to worry about commission compression? What can we do to offset the shrinking effect referral fees have on our profit margins? How can a tool like Contact Junkie help us acquire our own leads?

In this episode, Greg Harrelson and Matt Johnson discuss ways in which we can increase our net profit margins when referrals are cutting into them.



While you’re accepting leads from someone else’s faucet, you must also create a faucet of your own. -Greg Harrelson

Takeaways + Tactics

  • Agents need to increase some of their outbound lead generation strategies to make sure that they’re adding deals to the mix and netting a higher margin.
  • By doing our own marketing and figuring out how others are generating leads and taking them in-house, we can start to generate leads at a lower cost than what we’re paying for them.
  • We have to stop taking for granted that our center of influence loves us so much that they are going to be loyal to us forever. We must continuously give value to them.


It’s not commission compression that’s digging into our net profit. It’s the increasing amount we pay for referrals, and the increasing proportion of transactions done with a referral fee. In order to increase our net profit, we need to generate more of our own leads and pay less for them than what we pay in referral fees. Increasing outbound lead generation strategies, doing our own marketing, and consistently giving value to our existing database are ways we can grow our personal lead database and make more profit.

How Building Relationships will Boost Your Business w/Sarah Lyons

For those new to the industry, the thought of building a sphere of influence is daunting. How do you start to build a network when the people you’re close to aren’t in a position to buy a home? Should you leave clients who aren’t immediately ready, and pursue those who can commit to a home now? On this episode, we talk with top-producing Century 21 agent in Fort Worth, Sarah Lyons, about the importance of building relationships.


Try to establish rapport and build relationships. You may not get something out of it immediately, but over time you’ll generate momentum. -Greg Harrelson


Takeaways + Tactics

  • Dedicate yourself to real estate and make it your plan A. While it’s great to have a backup plan, having a plan B can hold you back from achieving in real estate because you’ll lack the motivation.

  • Focus on your current clients rather than spending time trying to get new ones. Foster meaningful relationships instead of multiple, shallow ones.

  • If someone isn’t immediately interested in your listing, don’t be discouraged. You’re not just trying to sell one house— you’re picking up a new client to assist in finding their dream home.

At the start of the episode, we heard what initially motivated Sarah to pursue a career in real estate. Because she had to support her family, she jumped in head-first, and made sure real estate was the only industry she worked in. Without these distractions, Sarah was able to spend time building strong, meaningful relationships with clients that eventually took her right to NAR’s ‘30 under 30’ in 2017.


We also discussed:

  • That you have to find somebody who knows more than you to mentor you
  • Why you don’t need a large sphere of influence to start. You can approach sellers directly to build your sphere
  • Why you should have referral partners sponsor your client appreciation parties


The real estate industry is based on human needs and connections. Remember that your client requires someone with their best interests at heart, so make sure you’re building strong relationships with them. Even when clients don’t appear ready to work with you, continue to foster your connection with them. You may not get something out of it immediately, but over time those relationships gain momentum.


Guest Bio-

Sarah Lyons is the number 1 producing Century 21 agent in Fort Worth for 2015, 2016, 2017 & 2018. She specializes in Tarrant and Parker county. As a full-time Realtor with over 250 transactions closed, Sarah has the experience and knowledge to assist clients with their buying and selling needs. She also has great availability, thanks to her husband homeschooling their 2 sons.

Sarah believes that open communication is key, and never lets her clients feel ignored or avoided. She always encourages clients to use their easiest means of communication, by email or text.

Sarah achieved NAR's "30 UNDER 30" award winner class of 2017, and was the only DFW metroplex winner. She’s also the recipient of the C21 Relentless Agent Award 2018.

Find her on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/SarahLyonsRealEstate/

Visit her website: www.sarahlyonsrealestate.com   

Contact Junkie: Optimizing Lead Conversion w/Abe Safa

Most agents don’t have a problem with acquiring leads. The difficulty lies in reaching those leads and being able to follow up enough to convert. Do we have bad leads, or do we need to reconsider the systems we use? How can bandwidth improve our conversion rate? How can software like Contact Junkie help us reach and follow up with our leads?

In this episode, Abe Safa shares on lead conversion issues in Real Estate and how automation software like Contact Junkie can help us optimize our business.


Our ROI is minimized because of our inability to make the right number of attempts per lead. -Abe Safa


Takeaways + Tactics

  • We spend time, money, and energy acquiring leads, but we don’t have the capacity to reach the majority of them. Increasing our bandwidth will improve our lead conversion ratio.

  • Think about whether your poor ROI is really due to the quality of the leads you bought. It is often because we haven’t adapted the systems and infrastructure we use to the new way of doing business.

  • People are busy, and we need to be able to make multiple attempts to reach them. Contact Junkie is an automated communication tool that increases response rates and allows us to have unlimited bandwidth.


In this episode, we discuss what motivated Abe Safa to start his software company Contact Junkie, and how this kind of automation acts as a communication tool to convert more leads for your business.  

We also discussed:

  • Issues with lead conversion in Real Estate
  • How increasing our bandwidth helps with lead conversion
  • Ways to increase our bandwidth


There is no shortage of leads in real estate, but there is a bottleneck when it comes to the ability to reach and follow up with these leads. People have become numb to notifications on their phones as a result of all the noise we are exposed to today, and this has increased the number of attempts it takes to reach a lead. We are left with a stack of leads that we have spent time, energy, and money acquiring that we cannot make a dent in. We need to increase our bandwidth so that we can make the attempts necessary to convert them into business.


Guest Bio-

Abe Safa is the founder of Contact Junkie, a software company that scales your business through technology. He also has his own Real Estate Agency, Abe Safa Real Estate, in Myrtle Beach and is the top Real Estate Agent in the area. Abe went from being a new licensee to having over 100 transactions per year, and has over three decades of business and negotiating experience. He graduated from Coastal Carolina in 1991 and has an honest and tenacious approach to business.