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Why Simplicity is Key w/Karen Cooper

There's a tendency to believe that achieving success is complicated, but as most successful people will attest, simplicity is the best way forward. How can simple approaches help you reach tremendous heights in your business? Can you apply simple ideas to practical manifestation?

On this episode, I talk with industry veteran Karen Cooper to hear how she’s put surprisingly simple tactics into practice to great effect.



Takeaways + Tactics

  • Be consistent. If you want to grow your business you need to have a consistent approach, whether in communication with clients or systems used in-office.

  • Confidence is key. You can boost your confidence levels by making sure you’re constantly dealing with potential clients- even the non-serious clients. Take every interaction as a learning opportunity.

  • Commit to a new morning ritual over a 30-day period. This is how you’ll build new habits and instill self-confidence.


At the start of the episode, Karen explained the importance of investing in your business. That investment should come not only in the form of finance, but your time and energy. With that said, Karen also shared that the time you spend should allow you to build systems that mean you do less work as your business levels up.

We also discussed:

  • That the position you’re good at now will be easily replaced by someone else when you scale your business
  • How your time in-between transactions should be spent on creating systems
  • Why systems are the only way forward


For the most part, our inability to reach our goals lies in our mindsets. Whether that be because of a lack of self-confidence, or insufficient motivation, we have the power to prove ourselves correct. The great news is, we also have the power to prove ourselves correct when we tell ourselves we can do something. Stop telling yourself you can’t reach new heights or complicate the process. Take the journey to success back to basics and make good on new rituals.


Guest Bio-

Karen Cooper exemplifies what it means to be a real estate professional, and is one of the owners of the Platinum Group Real Estate team at Pearson Smith Realty. 

Karen is an Accredited Buyer Representative (ABR) and has her Virginia Real Estate Broker's License, which afforded her the opportunity to spend more than 2 years managing two offices and over 100 agents for a busy Loudoun brokerage.

Karen regularly volunteers in the classrooms for her 3 sons, and is a life member of Lovettsville Volunteer Fire & Rescue, having spent over 10 years as an EMT/Shock Trauma Technician and serving several years as the company's Rescue Chief and on County level committees.

Learn more at http://www.goplatinumgroup.com/karen-w-cooper/

Greg Coaches Top Agent: Lori Sorensen

Whether you’re newly licensed, an active entrepreneur, or even a seasoned agent looking to polish up your skills, everyone can benefit from outside advice. What has helped others take their businesses to the next level? How can you build and foster relationships with your clients that stand the test of time?

On this episode, I talk with an agent on my team, Lori Sorensen, about the changes she’s made in her approach. Those changes have brought her great results. In fact, last year alone, Lori had 61 transactions. 



Too often, agents just assume the buyer will see value in them. But we as agents have to actually paint the picture of what they can count on us for. -Greg Harrelson


Takeaways + Tactics

  • Think about the value you bring your clients, and share it with them. By doing this, you’re setting them at ease and letting them know you’re the right choice.

  • Stay in touch with all your past clients. Even if they’ve already bought a property, you want them to remember you when they inevitably sell.

  • Accept that discomfort is normal- so don’t give up too easily. If anything, being too comfortable is hindering you from taking your business to the next level.


We started this episode talking to Lori’s professional journey. Lori shared the culture shock she experienced when she moved from West Virginia to the Myrtle Beach market. She also discussed how she transitioned from having virtually no competition in West Virginia, and how that changed once she joined The Harrelson Group.


We also discussed:

  • How clients don’t automatically know what you’re good at.
  • Why you have to set yourself apart.
  • The need to engage with your team.


While real estate is an exciting industry, there is no shortage of agents. Because of this, you have to think about what makes you unique and aim to build relationships. Stop thinking in terms of transactions- that’s short term. Make connections with people and ensure they never forget the value you bring. People buy and sell property all the time: make sure you’re the only agent they consider to help them.


Guest Bio-

Lori Sorensen is an agent at Greg Harrelson’s The Harrelson Group. Two years after getting her license, Lori joined the Harrelson Group and has seen her star rise ever since. In 2018 alone- her third year at the company- Lori made 61 transactions. Although she prefers the buying process, Lori stays in contact with all her past clients and happily assists them in every area of real estate as their needs require.

To contact Lori, email her at: loribsorensen@gmail.com


If It’s Not FUN, I’m Not Doing It

It’s difficult to stay motivated when you’re not enjoying yourself. How can you approach business tasks differently to enjoy them more and get them done more effectively? Can you mix work with play? On this episode, I talk about why I don’t do things unless they’re fun, even in business.


I don't work, I play. I don't have a job, I have a hobby. -Greg Harrelson


Takeaways + Tactics

  • Fun is not a doing, it's a being. Decide to look at the world in a certain way.

  • Remember, every problem has a flip side of opportunity or breakthrough.

  • Build systems around you that allow you to stay in your lane.


Most people would agree that enjoying what you’re doing makes time move faster and your work ethic better. The best way to enjoy what you do, then, is by eliminating the things you don’t like. Delegate to your team- what you don’t love could be their greatest passion and something they’re skilled at. There’s no excuse for not getting things done when your tasks are someone else’s idea of fun.

How to Keep Pushing Forward Through the Challenges of Entrepreneurship w/Dan Grieb


How can you manage through the hard times of being a new entrepreneur? What kind of mental shift is necessary to succeed? 

On this episode, Dan Grieb shares how he managed to overcome the challenges he faced and achieve phenomenal success in real estate. 



I don’t want to make people think it’s all easy, but I do want to let them know it is possible. –Dan Grieb


Takeaways + Tactics

  • Acknowledge the importance of hard times. The most important lessons are usually learned when you’re in difficult positions.
  • Maintain discipline and hold yourself accountable.
  • To go from agent to entrepreneur, you need to make a mental shift. You’re no longer an agent, but a business owner.


At the start of the show, Dan shared his journey and rationale for joining the real estate industry. We learned that he jumped into the business with no back-up plan, and forced himself to meet his goals. While this was not an easy task, he ultimately emerged from turmoil to become his family’s first millionaire.

We also discussed:

  • The importance of transparency when sharing your journey with others
  • How people management is often overlooked, but vital to your company’s success
  • Why learning to lead is non-negotiable if you want to build a successful business


The process of moving from agent to entrepreneur can be something of a culture shock for those who thought they would have greater freedom. The reality is, owning a business comes with a whole new set of responsibilities. You may be free from the duties of being an agent, but now you need to start training yourself for a new role entirely- leader.


Guest Bio-

Dan Grieb is a residential real estate expert and CEO of the Home To Sell Team affiliated with the Keller Williams real estate organization. Dan is ranked in the top 1% of all Realtors in the country is a widely respected member of the Central Florida real estate community and in Keller Williams top 100 mega agent group led by Keller Williams founder Gary Keller.

Dan has built one of the most successful real estate teams in the country. He has strategically selected an elite team of real estate agents, transaction coordinators and operations staff know as The Dan Grieb Home to Sell Team who allow him to be indispensable to his clients. The Home To Sell Team specializes in residential real estate and new home sales, collaborates with national home builders, and has a proven track record of successfully selling over 2,200 homes in the last 10 years.

Guest Links:



You can reach Dan on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/daniel.grieb.501

You can also get in touch with him via email: dan@coachipc.com

There’s No Such Thing as Passive Income

For most, the idea of earning an income without working is exciting and aspirational. Is it realistic, however? Can you ever really make money while doing nothing at all? On this episode, we weigh in on what passivity actually means in a business and why the very notion of passivity needs to be redefined.


No one gets 'mailbox money' without putting in effort. -Greg Harrelson


Takeaways + Tactics

  • You need to put in a good deal of effort and energy to maintain a "passive income"

  • Consider where your worries come from, before presuming money will eliminate them

  • Respond to the events in your life, rather than reacting to them


The idea of passive income certainly allows us to dream about what we might do in our spare time. However, never forget about the fulfillment and satisfaction your work can give you. Carefully consider what you mean by passivity. The reality is, it’s incredibly rare to truly detach from any work, as your mind continues to contemplate every detail of your life.

Higher Conversion from Unique ISA/Agent Training w/Dale Archdekin

Lead conversion is a popular subject in real estate, but many agents are unsure of how to improve their conversion rate or interpret what the numbers might be saying. How can you boost your conversion? Are there steps you should be taking (or avoiding) to improve it?

On this episode, I talk with coach and founder of Smart Inside Sales, Dale Archdekin, to answer these questions and more.



People should either be a team or get on one. –Dale Archdekin


Takeaways + Tactics

  • Ask yourself if you’re having enough conversations with prospective clients. The volume of calls you make is crucial to your business.

  • Track what you’re doing. Record your phone calls and pay attention to what’s working— and what isn’t.

  • Ensure your staff is held accountable and that they do what they’re supposed to do. Your company’s culture plays a huge role in its success.


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On this episode we discussed some of the ways agents can improve their conversion rate. Dale notes the mistakes he’s observed while training agents, and provides solutions to the issues he’s noticed.

We also shared on:

  • How to communicate, rather than recycle a script
  • Who you should avoid hiring when your business is young
  • How rephrasing your questions can help you attain better results

For people looking to start their own businesses or take on managerial positions, considering conversion rate is of the utmost importance. The best way to do this is by paying attention to each step you- or your team- take while in the process. Think about the questions you’re asking and the value you’re promising. 

Guest Bio-  

After working part-time in a call centre for credit card insurance during high school, Dale Archdekin has gone on to become a force to be reckoned with in the real estate industry. In addition to having 10 years experience as a real estate agent, Dale is the founder of coaching company, Smart Inside Sales. Dale is passionate about teaching salespeople (both in the real estate industry and otherwise) how to improve their conversion rates and see amazing success.  

To learn more or get in touch with Dale, head to:




And to learn more about Smart Inside Sales, check out:


The Truth Behind a Breakthrough w/Brendon Payne

People often think that the mental shift of a new calendar year will be enough to motivate them reach their goals, but there are steps that must be taken to make it happen. Why is it so important for us to have focus and limit distractions? How do we prepare for the inevitable boredom that comes with implementing and becoming consistent with something?

On this episode, Brendon Payne and I discuss the 4 conditions we need to create in order to get a breakthrough.



Consistency leads to boredom, but boredom leads to breakthrough. -Greg Harrelson  


Takeaways + Tactics

  • Be intentional: Define what a breakthrough looks like and state what you want to accomplish.

  • Be focused: Put all your attention on this one goal and resist distractions. It’s not about how many things you can work on at one time, but about how many circles you can complete.

  • Be consistent: Progress will often take longer than you originally thought, and you may get bored when that new idea isn’t fresh anymore. That’s when we have to push through the most.

  • Be determined: Keep going when things get challenging. Understand that the path to mastery requires us to push through the difficult moments.


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In order to reach our goals, there has to be something motivating us beyond turning the calendar at the beginning of the year. We have to implement strategy and action to reach that goal in order to push through the inevitable challenges, pivots and shifts. Before you have a breakthrough, you’re going to get bored because the new thing inevitably becomes old.

In those moments many agents shift to the next thing and become inconsistent. To combat that we need to have a strong intention, focus, consistency and determination. This is what will lead to breakthrough.

A Solution to the Problem Most Agents Don’t Know They Have

Buying leads can help your business tremendously, but for the vast majority of agents, a large portion of those leads will never make contact. Are those leads truly ‘inactive’? Or is there a way for you to make contact with them and capitalize on what you’ve already invested in? What is the barrier that stops agents from taking full advantage of the leads they’ve bought?

On this episode, we identify what the lead contact problem is, and discuss solutions to an issue we all face.



Think of it like this: ‘dead’ leads are not dead.They’re only dead to you. They’re alive to someone else. - Greg Harrelson


Takeaways + Tactics

  • Agents typically do not have enough bandwidth to properly follow up with their leads. This is a problem experienced by everyone in the industry, including top agents.


  • After making an initial attempt at contact, use multiple platforms to get a response. If, after calling, texting and emailing, a lead is not interested, you can then remove them from your list.


  • Avoid labelling leads as ‘inactive’ if they do not respond immediately. Continue with your communication for 8 days, and it’s likely they will get back to you.


The opportunities presented by buying leads are endless. Your time, however, is finite. This is a predicament faced by everyone buying leads, and there is no single solution. That said, if you engage in a campaign of communication after making initial contact, you will come closer to taking full advantage of your leads.

How to Build a Team of Fearless, Independent Agents w/Samer Kuraishi

As leaders, we understand the importance of developing talent, but we can easily miss the mark on what that actually means. Why does our talent development have to go beyond teaching real estate? How can we identify talent on the front end and grow our teams? Why do leaders need accountability as much as the agents do?

On this episode, we are joined by Samer Kuraishi to discuss creating an environment of excellence and collaboration on our teams. 



I’m not leading with money, I’m leading with experience and maturity and gaining wealth in the mind. -Samer Kuraishi


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Takeaways + Tactics

  • Our job isn’t teaching agents to sell real estate. We have to teach them what it takes to be successful.
  • A dominant culture will flush out the wrong people on its own.
  • A huge part of growing as a leader is learning to let go of control and empowering the people around us.


At the start, Samer shares on how the team is set up, and the importance of being multidimensional. Next we talked about the important thing leaders miss when it comes to developing talent. We also talked about how to identify talent, and why so many existing agents lose faith in their teams.


We also discussed:

  • Using accountability to grow and how delegation protects us
  • What to do when we hire the wrong person
  • The importance of letting go of control


In order to build an environment of excellence, we have to train people the right way. Our job in developing talent shouldn’t be about showing agents how to buy and sell homes. It has more to do with showing them how to be disciplined, teaching them to make commitment to the habits that leads to results, handling rejection, and getting through when things go wrong. It’s our responsibility to help them the solution instead of being part of the problem in the industry. Everything we do is to prepare them to be that top level talent in the game.


Guest Bio-

Samer is the team lead of One Real Estate. His team offers a diverse, motivated group of real estate professionals—all of whom are dedicated to putting the DC Metropolitan clients' needs first.  Using the most cutting edge technology and providing constant education and training, Samer's agents are always prepared and ahead of the market. To get in touch email sk@onerealestate.com or call 301.385.0049.

Who Are We Listening To?

In an era where social media marketing has become so prolific, it’s becoming more and more difficult to cut through all the information we are exposed to. How do we even begin to know what we should be listening to? Have we made progress more difficult for ourselves by letting so many voices and tactics influence us? Alternatively, should we ignore all the information coming our way and stick with what we know?

On this episode, we discuss how to engage with the inundation of voices we encounter.


You need a clear plan of what you’re subscribing to, who you’re listening to, and whether it’s legitimate. If you don’t have that, all the other noise is going to influence you. – Brendon Payne


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Takeaways + Tactics

  • The prevalence of online access has created a constant cycle of new information, which leads to a lack of focus on getting the job done.
  • Although software can be helpful to real estate agents, outbound lead generation is something we can actively control.
  • Having a clear path in mind is crucial. Although new information is always helpful, it should be used to improve the ideas and systems you already have in place, not distract from them.


The influx of information afforded by social media marketing offers many opportunities to people in the real estate industry. However, it’s important to always bring what you’ve learned back to what’s already been working for you. Don’t allow the noise and sheer volume of voices online discourage you from what you already know.