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How to Run a Successful Franchise w/Rhyan Finch

There are a lot of moving parts in a franchise business, so it’s important for franchisors to assist their franchisees in any way they can. How can we help our franchisees to see better results, and why is it important to check in with them regularly? Why should we know each individual franchisee’s visions for success?

On this episode, author and founder of 1st Class Real Estate, Rhyan Finch, shares how to run a successful franchise business. 

Measure everything and know your numbers. -Rhyan Finch


Takeaways + Tactics 

  • Help save time and energy for franchisees by offering them training and resources. By assembling lists of the right information, we can speed up their success. 
  • Measure everything. It’s impossible to run a successful business without knowing the numbers, so be sure to check in with franchisees regularly. 

  • Vision is vital, so help cultivate it. By assisting franchisees in defining their idea of success, they can better serve their own needs and ultimately, bring more success into the franchise on the whole.

On this episode, we discussed why we need to focus on helping our teams reach their goals, in order to achieve our own. We spoke about how helping others increases our chances of success, and explained why entrepreneurs need to define their purpose. 

We also discussed:

  • Why being open to adapting is crucial in real estate
  • The importance of knowing what motivates our franchisees
  • How a transparent work environment fosters successful results


Guest Bio- 

Rhyan Finch first entered real estate in 2006, and through trial, error and adaptations, today he is the broker, owner, and founder of 1st Class Real Estate & leader of The Rhyan Finch team. He is also the author of Explode: The Proven System To Sell 500 Homes A Year While Keeping A Balanced Life. 


For Rhyan’s book, head to: https://www.amazon.com/Explode-Proven-System-Keeping-Balanced/dp/1514239213 

You can also find out more about him on   



And finchteam.com 

You can also email him on rhyan@1stclassagents.com for more information, and call him on 255 504 4636


Spotlight Episode of 2019 - “Century 21 Young Guns on How to Build a Listing-Based Business FAST! Btw…They are all under 25 Years Old!”

As we enter 2020, we decided to take a look back at our show this past year and highlight an episode that we found important and our audience enjoyed. Here’s an episode from this past summer that showcases the drive of some of the young talent in our industry and what it takes to succeed. 

In today’s world of instant gratification, a lot of people are looking for shortcuts to success. Are there any shortcuts we could be taking? What are the benefits of starting slow- and are there any risks of delaying our success by taking the long route? On this episode, we’re asking Century 21’s Young Gun Panel- Thomas o’Malley, Hunter Baiden and Anthony Velazquez- how they’ve set up great foundations for their businesses before the age of 25.


The more time you invest in yourself, the better results you’ll get. -Anthony Velazquez


Takeaways + Tactics 


  • Establish a routine. The benefits of waking up early to exercise and performing a routine every single morning at the office are immeasurable.

  • Focus on building a database. By establishing a routine in which we contact between 60 and 100 people a day, we’re building a solid database that will benefit us in the long run.

  • Create a balance between focus and fun. Maintaining focus is obviously important at work, but it’s also vital that we take time away from work to have fun. By allowing ourselves to unwind, we can reset our stress levels and function optimally at work.

At the start of the episode, the Young Gun Panel explained that their backgrounds in sports gave them a great foundation for working in real estate. However, all of them agreed that without remaining consistent and intentional, their businesses wouldn’t be as well-grounded as they are today. The episode ended with a reminder that building a good foundation is crucial in order to create a thriving business.

On this episode we discussed 

  • Why making cold calls trains us in how to deal with different personalities
  • The importance of investing in ourselves and our businesses
  • That we need to commit to a long-term game and acknowledge the risk for downfalls upfront

The early stages of building a business are an exciting time. However, we need to remember that these early stages require a foundation to be built. Value this time as something that allows us to build databases and set up valuable routines. It’s important to stay focused on our goals, but remember no to burn ourselves out. The momentum stage is only the beginning of what’s to come.


Guest Bio- 

Thomas O’Malley is a real estate agent at Century 21 The Harrelson Group. While he grew up in New York, Thomas has been a regular visitor to the Grand Strand for as long as he can remember. His love for the area inspired him to begin a career as an agent in the Grand Strand. Today, he works alongside Brendon Payne at C21, and strives to provide a hassle-free experience to all his clients. 


To contact Thomas, email him on ThomasOMalleyC21@gmail.com


Hunter Baiden was born and raised in the Grand Strand area. Having grown up seeing the growth of the area, he was inspired to be a part of it all. He hopes to have as positive an impact on the Grand Strand community as it has had on his life. Hunter is a real estate agent at Century 21 The Harrelson Group, and is passionate about offering a transparent service to his clients.


To contact Hunter, email him on hbaidenc21@gmail.com

You can also call him directly on (843) 503-9988


Anthony Velazquez is a real estate agent at Century 21 The Greg Harrelson Group. Anthony attributes a lot of his drive to seeing entrepreneurship first-hand, working for his father’s construction company from the age of 14. On top of this extensive work experience, Anthony is determined to further his skills through education. He’s currently enrolled as a full-time student at Horry Georgetown Technical College in pursuit of a degree in Associate Art in Business. 

To contact Anthony, send him a private message on Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/anthony.velazquez.92754397

How to Create a Compelling Value Package For Recruits in a Shifting Market w/Aaron Fox

The real estate market is currently in the space between a good market and an inevitable downturn, and this can be a scary time to be a new agent coming into the industry. However, downturns are actually a good time to get into the business. What are the most important skills new agents need to have during this time? How can teams help new agents transition into the industry more smoothly? On this episode, broker/owner Aaron Fox, shares on leadership lessons he learned from coming into the business during the downturn. 

If you’re not budgeting, setting up a business plan or working in the right environment, you’re not going to be successful. -Aaron Fox 

Takeaways + Tactics 

  • The downturn forced agents to go the extra mile to retain clients and get referrals. We learned better skills and improved our services, and this is why downturns can be the perfect opportunity to gain market share. 

  • Offering a compelling value package to agents is what will help us attract the best talent to our teams. The things that make an impact to our value package is environment, services and compensation.

  • Being a team leader with experience as a top producer bring a lot more value to the table, and it allows us to lead not from a place of philosophy, but from experience. 

At the start of the show, Aaron shared how he got started in real estate and transitioning from the corrections department. We talked about how Aaron was able to build a business throughout the downturn, the importance of building and working in a good environment, and the power of being a team leader with a background as a top producer. We also discussed what makes so many people fail out of real estate. 

We also discussed:

  • The power of taking a leap of faith
  • Why coming into the business during a downturn was a blessing in disguise
  • Going from producer to leader

Guest Bio- 

Aaron is a Broker, Landlord, Investor and Owner of The Fox Team. His team has successfully represented buyers and sellers throughout Michigan with their wide span of real estate expertise. They are uniquely qualified to represent buyers and sellers of foreclosed properties, as well as in town and country estates. Aaron also has the skills and insight necessary to expertly represent buyers and sellers of income and investment properties. Most importantly, whether buying or selling, the Fox Team agents are well-qualified facilitators, skilled negotiators and trusted advisers. For more information, visit https://foxteam.c21.com/ or call/text 517.404.050.

How to Achieve Self-Mastery w/Adrienne Lally and Attilio Leonardi

Success starts with us as individuals, so to see great results in our businesses, we have to achieve self-mastery by nurturing ourselves from the inside out. Does our diet impact our productivity levels, and how can exercise affect our performance at work? Could we be jeopardizing our success by not getting enough sleep? On this episode, team leader Adrienne Lally and broker Attilio Leonardi from Team Lally, share how to achieve self-mastery. 


Your business will only grow to the extent you do, so you have to master yourself. -Attilio Leonardi

Takeaways + Tactics 

  • Eat healthy. Without the right fuel, our energy diminishes and we see a direct impact on our ability to effectively connect with clients. 

  • Exercise everyday. Being active refreshes us and boosts energy.

  • An effective morning starts the night before, so don’t neglect sleep. Create a relaxing environment for sleep to ensure the best quality of rest.

On this episode, we discussed how mindset impacts our success. We shared that leaders should be creating an environment where every team member feels comfortable voicing their concerns, and urged leaders to be open to criticism. 

We also discussed:

  • How to create more successful habits
  • Strategies for better sleep
  • How to establish effective morning rituals


Guest Bio- 

Adrienne Lally is the President and co-leader of Team Lally of Keller Williams Honolulu. Since 2007, Adrienne has grown her team to be one of the most renowned real estate teams islandwide. She’s been named one of the Top 100 Realtors by Hawaii Business Magazine 6 years in a row, and her team is the recipient of countless awards. Adrienne is a former Army veteran, and much of her business has come from military families. Together with her business partner, Attilio Leonardi, she hosts two real estate talk shows on Saturday mornings - one at 8am on KAOI AM1110 Maui, and one at 11am on KHVH AM30. 

Attilio Leonardi is a Realtor and Broker at Team Lally. His first success in real estate came at the age of 19, when he purchased a 4-bedroom house in his freshman year at the University of Arizona and rented rooms out to his friends. Since then, he’s worked as a rock band manager, been in door-to-door sales, and today, he’s a million dollar producing real estate agent. Attilio co-hosts two real estate talk shows on Saturday mornings with his business partner Adrienne Lally. 


To find out more about Adrienne and Attilio, visit: www.teamlally.com 


Authors mentioned on this episode:

James Clear

Brené Brown

Patrick Lencioni

The Lies Agents Tell Themselves

Often, the thing holding us back as agents are the lies we tell ourselves, whether it be the type of agent we should be, or why we need to stop thinking we’re different from more successful real estate professionals. On this episode, we discuss this mindset and how to change our way of thinking.  

We have to stop buying into myths. These lies are what we tell ourselves to feel better for not taking the next step and getting out of our comfort zones. -Greg Harrelson


Takeaways + Tactics 

  • Stop thinking we have to choose between being salespeople or relationship people. We need to be versatile salespeople who can relate to clients easily. 

  • Don’t assume more successful agents are ‘different’ from us. Everything is attainable, we just have to be willing to put in the same effort as successful agents.

  • The idea that successful agents spend more time working is a myth. Effective agents work smarter, not harder.

At the start of this episode, we discussed how agents lie to themselves about prospecting. While a lot of agents say they don’t enjoy prospecting, most of the time they’re just uncomfortable making calls because they aren’t sure what value they bring. 


On this episode we discussed:

  • How to find out our unique value
  • The exit strategy lies agents tell themselves
  • Why we lie to ourselves

How The “Back to Basics” Approach Is Still Effective In Today’s Market w/Christina Leavenworth

As agents, we are always hearing about ‘new and improved’ ideas that promise to take our businesses to the next level. However, rather than reinventing the wheel, some ideas are better left as is. How can we go back to the basics and create a business that fits seamlessly into our personalities? Is hustle still important when we level up, and why is it important to network with top producers? On this episode, Realtor at the Levin Rinke Resort Realty team, Christina Leavenworth, shares how she hustled her way to the top.

Always go back to your hunger and hustle, even when you’re successful. -Christina Leavenworth


Takeaways + Tactics 

  • Base your business style on your personality. Being ourselves is the fastest way to build confidence. 

  • Hustle and work ethic trump everything. No matter how far we are on our journeys, never neglect the activities that first brought us success. 

  • Being around people on our level of achievement can lead to complacency. We have to surround ourselves with top achievers to motivate ourselves.

At the start of this episode, we discussed how being a public figure doesn’t always translate to an easy journey in real estate. We spoke about what we can do to grow our spheres, and how to capitalize on our existing databases.

We also discussed:

  • How to establish a networking group
  • Why it’s important to maintain our hunger for success
  • That being proud of what we do builds confidence

Guest Bio- 

Christina Leavenworth is a dedicated and committed real estate agent who consistently goes above and beyond for her clients. She spent 15 years as a news anchor/reporter along the Gulf Coast, so she is incredibly knowledgeable about the area. In her first year, she sold 65 homes for a total of $14.8 million in volume. Due to her strong work ethic and desire to help clients, she is now ranked as a top producing realtor in the area. Christina is a licensed Realtor with a proven track record. She is a part of the Levin Rinke Resort Realty team, which is the #1 independent real estate brokerage in Pensacola, Gulf Breeze and Pensacola Beach.


To find out more about Christina, visit:




The Biggest Lessons New School Agents Can Learn From the Old School Mentality w/Jim Remley

With all the technology out there and the tools at our disposal, people often think that methods from the 1990s don’t work anymore. But the interesting thing is, a lot of what was done back then still works, and would lead to better results when combined with modern methods and tech. Why are listings key to scaling a real estate business, and how did our guest blend production and running a business? Why is the old school mentality of focus, grind and relationship-building still so powerful today?

On this episode, real estate entrepreneur, consultant, author, speaker, and trainer, Jim Remley, joins us to talk about his journey and how he started and stayed on the fast track to growth in his business. 

If you’re willing to do the grinding work that no one else will do, you’re going to own the market because 95% of agents are super lazy. -Jim Remley


Takeaways + Tactics 

  • There’s a reason why the top producers in the industry are listing-dominant. Listings give you scale, but buyers don’t. 

  • If agents could combine the old grinding mentality, with the available tech advancements, there will be huge scale and larger profit margins 

  • The 30 - 60 agent range can be a death zone in a real estate team. In that range, a team is not small enough to be nimble, and not large enough to have economies of scale. 


At the start of the show, Jim Remley shares how he got started, and how he earned his Century21 gold jacket. Next, we talked about how he formed the first real estate team in his community. He talked about what made him choose listings, and how that helped him gain traction. We talked about why retaining and recruiting agents in our industry is something we should treat like going out and getting listings. Towards the end, we discussed the importance of thinking about creating financial freedom.  

On this episode we discussed 

  • The importance of being multidimensional 
  • Why success in real estate comes down to traction
  • Deeper connection in a digital world and bringing human interaction back into transactions.


Guest Bio- 

Jim is a speaker, author, and consultant. He is the founder of eRealEstateCoach and the author of The Path to Real Estate Zen, a premium coaching platform for agents looking for a transformation in their real estate career. In addition, he runs one of the largest real estate firms in the state of Oregon, with over $766 million dollars in sales volume a year with just over 160 active Brokers. As a consultant, author, speaker, and trainer, Jim has one mission - to create abundance through simplicity of action.

For more information, visit https://www.erealestatecoach2.com/.


The Power of Specific Goal Setting w/Abe Safa

When most people are asked what their goals are, they are careful not to be specific, but that actually affects our ability to reach them. Why are specific goals more achievable than vague ones? Why is it so important for us to be vulnerable and open up about our goals? Why should we be looking through the windshield and not the rearview mirror? On this episode, I’m joined by one of my business partners, Abe Safa. We talk about how to set goals the right way. 


In order to really reach high levels, you have to take the risk of stating goals that are specific and can be measured. If you don’t measure them, you won’t know if you are a success or failure that day. -Greg Harrelson  


Takeaways + Tactics 

  • The more specific a goal is, the more measurable it becomes. 

  • Setting vague goals means that we can’t measure how well we’re doing, which protects us from getting judged or feeling bad about ourselves. 

  • Have a 5 year vision, a 1 year goal, a monthly goal and then a daily goal. The compound effect of doing your daily goal is what gets you to your big year goal. 

  • According to the book Relentless: From Good to Great to Unstoppable, “crave the result so intensely that the work becomes irrelevant.”

At the start of the show, we talked about why so many of us struggle to set specific and measurable goals. Next, we talked about why vulnerability is key to growth, and why the process of coming up with a goal doesn’t have to start with our “Big Why.” We also talked about why we need to stop setting goals for the future using what happened in the past. 

We also discussed;

  • Why the value of failure is in comparison
  • The importance of accountability 
  • How to make hard work irrelevant

Guest Bio- 

Abe Safa is the Founder and mind behind Contact Junkie, a software company that scales your business through technology. He grew up in New York and moved to the Myrtle Beach area to attend Coastal Carolina in 1988. Since graduating in 1991, he's lived there and has owned several successful retail stores. Abe started working at age 13, and has been selling or running businesses for over 34 years. He went from being a new licensee, to having over 100 transactions per year. His business background and experience in negotiating and marketing, combined with his unique and precise analytical skills, leaves no doubt that he is a valuable resource. Abe loves to challenge himself and believes that life is all about growing and improving yourself and your community. 




A Lesson in Transparency: The Lies Brokers Need to Stop Telling Agents

So many agents fail to reach their personal goals because they’ve been misled by their superiors. As brokers and leaders, how are we misleading our agents into thinking we can help them more than we can? How can we break the cycle and become more transparent? What are the lies brokers are guilty of telling in terms of opportunities for growth and higher pay? On this episode, we have a candid discussion about some of the biggest lies we’ve heard. 


Lots of owners want to be liked by their agents, so they hold back on the truth. However, if we want our agents to be successful, we have to be transparent with them. -Greg Harrelson


Takeaways + Tactics 

  • Stop training agents to reach goals we haven’t reached ourselves. If we don’t have the experience, we have no credibility in those areas and shouldn’t pretend to.

  • Don’t claim to have better leads and technologies than other brokerages. All leads and technologies are the same, it’s how agents interact with them that makes the difference. 

  • Telling agents they’ll be able to earn a full-time income by doing part-time work is completely misleading. Prevent disappointment by being transparent and realistic with agents.

On this episode, we discussed some of the ways brokers confuse their agents and ultimately hinder their success. One of the chief ways agents are confused is when they’re told they don’t need to do outbound calls. This stops them from making any calls, including follow-ups, which has a devastating effect on their business.  

We also discussed; 

  • Why we need to stop telling agents they don’t need to be good salespeople
  • How personality doesn’t impact business
  • The importance of telling agents to learn scripts

How to Make the Mental Shift from Solo Operator to Team Leader w/Kathleen Black

Many real estate agents who operate solo feel trapped by their businesses. Scaling and growing a team is their way out of that. What holds many of us back from taking that next step? What is the difference between someone who does a few sales and someone who builds a structured, leveraged business? What mindset shifts need to take place in order to achieve freedom in our business, and for it to actually change our lives? On this episode, I’m joined by real estate coach, speaker, and host of the Ultimate Team Summit, Kathleen Black. She shares on the power of transitioning to a team, and how she helps agents make the change mentally and operationally. 


We need to transition from a GCI mindset to a net money mindset. By growing a team, we leverage in a way that’s less risky, makes us more money and gives us more time.
-Kathleen Black


Takeaways + Tactics 

  • 80% of people will make necessary strides when they experience pain vs. only 20% of people who will do it proactively.
  • In order to build a team, we need to change our mindset from GCI to net earnings. We need to switch from survival and scarcity to abundance and growth.

  • The scarcity of building in a competitive sales industry creates a scarcity mindset that people hang onto, even when they are no longer in scarcity.
  • Tech companies are taking away the mindshare of past clients and people in our database. People are being inundated with content and value from these other entities, so there’s more competition. We need to get ahead of this.

At the start of the show, Kathleen shared on her journey from agent to coach, and why team culture is an entrepreneurial mentality. Next, we talked about the importance of having clarity and abundance if we want to build a team. We also talked about the importance of switching from focusing on survival, to focusing on growth. 

We also discussed;

  • How change is driven by experiencing a pain
  • The most common challenges agents in North America are dealing with  
  • The importance of focusing on ROI, not the money we spend

Many real estate business owners hit the ceiling for growth very early and end up feeling trapped by the job. At the most basic level, growing a team is a way to give ourselves a promotion and actually focus on the things that we excel at as the business moves forward. The more volume and transactions we can do, the easier our businesses will get. In order to create that lead, we need leverage. If we set our teams up right, we will have a massive edge over the competition.  


Guest Bio- 

Kathleen is one of Canada’s leading Real Estate Coaches and Trainers, delivering her proven success techniques to Agents and Teams across North America. She is also an author, speaker and the founder and CEO of Kathleen Black Coaching and Consulting, and host of the Ultimate Team Summit. Visit https://kathleenspeaks.com/ for more information or to get in touch with Kathleen.