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1 BIG Mistake Agents Are Making In Their Real Estate Marketing w/Dobbin Buck

Most real estate agents are using too broad of a stroke in marketing. Do you know what specific things you need to be successful with your marketing? How does leverage fit into your mission to level up? On this episode, Dobbin Buck discusses the marketing opportunities agents are missing, and the ways to use technology to target the right people more effectively.

Creating great ideas is just being in motion. The key is getting into action. Are you willing to take those 5 or 6 ideas and choose 1 and start executing it right now? – Greg Harrelson

Takeaways + Tactics

  1. Leverage your skills first, leverage with technology and automation second, and finally, leverage with people.
  2. If you do what the masses do, you'll get what the masses get.
  3. The ideal is to deliver a specific, useful, timely message to one person or small group of people at a time. That capability exists right now if we take advantage of it.

On this episode, we discussed the mistakes agents are making in marketing right now, and how they can go about fixing them. We also shared on the future of database marketing, and how to take it to the next level. We went on to share on community domination, and how to expand your influence in a local area.

Dobbin also shared on;

  • The intersection of Infusionsoft and Chatbox
  • The right time to expand your business and how to do it
  • Where real estate marketing is going

The old school way of sending out thousands of pieces of mail with no real target doesn’t work anymore. It’s about being able to deliver that right message, to the right person, at the right time. You can use automation to send an individual a message that feels like it’s targeted just for that person and with Infusionsoft you can synthesize your database and target people on social media easily. The best way to grow your business is to invest in technology, scale up with skills, scale up with automation and then scale up with people.

Guest Bio

Dobbin Buck is the co-owner and V.P. of Business Development at Fusionsoft and is very much client focused. He talks about working with clients, he doesn’t talk about profits, sales or bottom lines. He talks about connection. Go to LinkedIn.com/in/Dobbin-Buck-3454a012 for more information.

Learn more about Infusionsoft for real estate: RealEstateSaleSsolutions.com


Chat-Bots, Facebook Messenger, ISA’s & The Future of Real Estate Lead Gen w/Michael Reese

The most left out client in the relationship management conversation is the home owner. How do you own that relationship, and apply a strategy towards winning the crowd? What is digital custody, and how does it help agents design a customer experience? On this episode Michael Reese talks simplifying your value prop, using bots to have strategic conversations and expansion through geo-targeting.

You have to be able to narrow down your lead gen strategy to geo-region, and then be able to duplicate it to every similar region. -Michael Reese

Takeaways + Tactics

  1. Chat-bots and ISA's combined can create a seamless interaction for the consumer.
  2. They key to the future of real estate is building relationships not with home buyers or sellers, but with home OWNERS.
  3. Never expand without a proven, leveraged lead gen model and an Ideal Client Profile you can duplicate in other markets.

At the start of the show, Michael shared on the basis of digital custody, and how he designs the customer experience by simplifying the value prop. Next, we shared on winning the crowd by leveraging community, “we are connected to everyone with the world, but we’re choosing to spend time with smaller groups that are more focused on the conversations we want to have.” We also talked about creating client dialogue by using anticipated and already asked questions. We also shared why SMS is on its way out, and how to avoid dropping the ball in the hand-off between the chat-bot, the ISA and the agent.

Michael also shared on;

  • The importance of starting and nurturing relationships with homeowners
  • How to have strategic conversations using chat-bots
  • Playing up the Facebook community
  • Geo-targeting and its role in expansion

Winning over the crowd is your path to area and market domination, and it has to do with your custody of the client’s perceived desire. You also win the crowd by standing on something and delivering on that promise. From a scalability perspective, it’s wiser to pinpoint a geo-targeted area, master that system and then clone it to get scale. In order to have predictability and scalability everything has to be dialed in. Digital custody is about owning the relationship, having accountability and predictability to dominate.

Guest Bio

While working with Keller Williams, Michael’s team was repeatedly ranked in the top five in the southwest region. He and his team broke the record for buyer sales set by one of the largest Keller Williams franchises in the world, and ultimately became recognized as one of Keller Williamsʼ Top 50 agents in the world. In 2015, Michael set out to create an Inside Sales Department for a brokerage in a new market, focused on building a solid nurture pipeline and maximizing listing appointments. 14 months later, his brokerage is set to close 500+ transactions... Go to InsideSalesPredictability.com for more info.


Becoming #1 in Your Market: Danny Morel on Leadership, High Performance & True Success In Real Estate

Danny Morel thinks BIG. But it all starts with the fundamentals. As Greg pointed out, no matter whether you call it team building or expansion, it’s all just a business. Between the years 2011 and 2016, Danny’s Intero organization went from 110 units to 2,730 units sold. How does Danny recruit an average of over one agent every day to his Intero offices? In this episode, Danny shares some of the key mindset strategies and principles that drive him.

I'm going to compete solely on value. I'm going to draw a line in the sand, that NO WHERE can an agent come and grow at the levels we help them grow at. -Danny Morel

Takeaways + Tactics

  1. Don't skip steps as a salesperson. Your personal sales ability is key to being able to offer value to agents as you expand.
  2. During a down market, the wealth in real estate will shift from those who are buying business to those who a creating business.
  3. Stay humble and stay in coaching. Who are you to tell your staff that they need to be coachable if YOU are not coachable.

On this episode Danny also shared...

  • The one thing would-be team owners fail to understand
  • Why you must compete on value to agents, not commission splits
  • The “Law of the Lid” and how it applies to your real estate business
  • Why Danny has paid for a business coach since the age of 22
  • What will happen to teams in the next market shift
  • Listing-based business and why it’s the true key to success as an agent

Leadership is intimately tied to your mastery of the fundamentals of your industry. Danny shared why it’s critical to humble yourself, stay coachable and always set a high standard of daily performance for yourself. The more you focus on raising your own level, the higher level of people you’ll be able to bring into your business. There are some incredible insights on real leadership and high performance, so dig in and take plenty of notes!

Guest Bio

Danny is a real estate sales coach and Founder of Intero Real Estate Services Rancho Cucamonga, Downey and La Quinta Southern California. With an impressive background in the real estate industry, Danny Morel brings over 15 years to the real estate business as a coach, mentor, investor and broker. Danny’s interest in the real estate industry began with the simple dream of buying his mother a house. From there, he learned about the industry, began selling homes and this led to obtaining coaches to further his career. As an agent, Danny successfully sold 150 homes in a year while only working 4.5 days a week, and by 27 earned 1.5 million in commissions during the course of one calendar year.  From that passion grew his coaching company where Danny had the pleasure of leading almost 500 agents to success in their careers through multi-day seminars that impacted thousands of lives. In 2013 Danny was named to the HispanicBusiness.com top 50 Most Influential list. Learn more about Danny at Dannymorel.com and subscribe to his podcast Real Estate Sales Success on iTunes at: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/real-estate-sales-show-with-danny-morel/id1081954148?mt=2.