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The Mindset Required to Go from Bust to Boom w/Terry Swanson

August 10, 2017

 When people have too much confidence, disaster shows up. How do you make sure you’re growing for the right reasons, and not scaling up to your detriment? What is the right way to invest in more time for yourself? How do you make sure you rise up when things aren’t going well? On this episode, we talk to top C21 broker Terry Swanson about building a sustainable organization.

It’s not about growing for growing’s sake, it’s growing for the right reasons—for the right mission and vision. -Terry Swanson

Takeaways + Tactics

  • It’s not about taking time off. It’s about adding time for yourself.
  • Growing on credit lines isn’t the way to go, as you don’t have control over interest rates.
  • It doesn’t matter how far down you get. You can dig yourself out.

At the start of the show, Terry shared on his team dynamic and the lessons he learned when he was running his business the wrong way. “I wasn’t running the business, the business was running me.” He shared the mindset change he went through, and why it’s so important to document what’s happening in the market. Towards the end of the show, Terry shared on the importance of growing for the right reasons.

We also discussed:

  • How his company went bust
  • The coaching structure that can attract agents
  • Why growing on credit lines isn’t a good idea

The biggest mistake we make is feeling like we have to be engaged all the time in order to give ourselves the best chance of success, but we end up engaging at a low level and it sucks away the opportunity to be hyper focused. The solution is taking the time to invest in yourself, and seeing taking time off as a good thing, not something that takes away from your business. As a leader, if you can coach life, the business will actually become easy from that point onwards.

Guest Bio

Terry Swanson is a real estate agent affiliated with CENTURY 21 Results Realty Services, located in Cumming, Georgia. To get in touch, go to c21getsresults.com  or email terry@c21.com.



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