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Likeable Influence: How to Use Content to Drive Millions in Revenue w/Dave Kerpen

December 7, 2017

There’s very little content creation in local markets in the real estate field. How does good content marketing set up your authority and generate long-term business? What drawback of sales does content solve instantly? How does good content get lost in bad titles? On this episode, we are joined by best-selling author and content marketing guru, Dave Kerpen, who shares his practical tactics to becoming an authority in your market.

Content is this amazing way to demonstrate who you are, your reputation, your credibility, your knowledge and your expertise to so many more people at once. - Dave Kerpen

Takeaways + Tactics

  • Sales can only scale so much because you typically talk to one person at a time. With content, you can prospect to hundreds or thousands of people at once.
  • Your content should do one or more of these things: educate, entertain, and inspire.
  • Your title needs to be emotion-invoking and action-driving.  
  • Take off your marketing cap, and put on your consumer cap. Ask yourself what would make you take action as a consumer. Then create that content.

At the start of the show, Dave shared why content marketing is the ultimate strategy for touching more than one person with one piece. Next, we talked about the effect content can have on a real estate business, and how you can get the attention of property owners. Dave also gave content ideas for real estate agents who want to establish themselves as local authorities.

We also shared on:

  • How much time you should commit to content marketing
  • The importance of a very strong headline that delivers on its promise
  • The power of LinkedIn

Media used to be magazines, TV networks and newspapers. Now YOU can be the media and put out content that positions you as an expert and authority. Content marketing gives us so many opportunities to stand out, but very few take advantage of this. Use your content to make it easier for you to be likeable and remarkable. It will represent who you are and build a brand that will carry you into other businesses, careers and opportunities. The ultimate ideal is to be the definitive resource for your target market. If you do it right and you don’t give up early, it will become a lead machine for you.

Guest Bio
Dave is the chairman of Likeable Media, a NYT Best Selling Author and a Global Keynote Speaker. Learn more about him on https://www.linkedin.com/today/author/0_3Rybz0r6MIU0pCkbHDrMi8?trk=mp-details-footer-follow.