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Simple & Powerful Systems To Run a Legitimate Real Estate Business w/Todd Tramonte

June 22, 2017

There is value in treating your team like your own clients. How do you bring world class value to the people who work for and with you? What is the agent-in-training program and how does it help people find their roles? What are the three pillars you can build into your team recruitment? On this episode, we are joined by Todd Tramonte, who shares on team management and using radio as a direct response marketing tool.

You can only do branding on the back of direct response and lead generation -Todd Tramonte

Takeaways + Tactics

- Put people in specific roles where their "stress-response" is the right response for their role.

- Use an "Agent-in-Training" model to help people get into their proper role and make mistakes in a low-pressure environment.

- Before you provide leads to team members, you need to decide what kind of team you want.

At the start of the show, Todd shared on his systems, and how he identifies people’s spectrum of giftedness. Next, we talked about the agent-in-training program and why it’s so important to help people fit into where they are most talented and effective. Todd also talked about how his company uses radio for direct response and not for branding. Towards the end of the show, he shared on targeting through radio.

We also spoke about:
- The three pillars he puts into his recruitment
- Serving and delivering value as a leader
- How to lead companies that people love staying in

When it comes to recruiting the right people, it helps if people start out with that desire and hustle on their own. There’s always an opportunity if someone is great. As a leader, you have a responsibility to provide value to your team members, and looking at team members as clients you have to serve and deliver value to, not because you’re afraid of losing them but because it’s your duty as a leader. If you lead your company this way, people are going to love working with you.

Guest Bio

Todd Tramonte is well known as an innovator and leader in the areas of real estate marketing and sales. His passion for education and commitment to excellence are trademarks of his leadership of both his company and his clients. Todd is the author of the Amazon.com #1 Best Seller The New Rise in Real Estate and Live Free, The Art of The 2 Year Flip which is currently in its second printing and available on Amazon for Kindle.

Todd and his company have been seen on HGTV, Discovery and Travel Channel as well as in the Chicago Tribune, Dallas Morning News, Examiner, People News and USA Today in addition to countless online news sources, radio interviews and blogs. He is also the Real Estate Expert for WBAP AM 820 and KRLD 1080's Texas Home Improvement show which airs across Texas on numerous stations in numerous markets. Go to http://www.dallashomerealty.com/ for more details.