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How to Run the ISA Model Effectively w/Aaron Rian

March 8, 2018

The general industry looks at the ISA as someone who is only responsible for response time, but our guest has put a whole new twist on it. How can you elevate the ISA role so it can benefit your business even more? How can you run each department of your business like its own business? On this episode, we are joined by Aaron Rian who shares how he built a prospecting machine and a powerful internal sales team.

Just because you’re good at selling real estate doesn’t mean you can run your business or that you’ll be good at everything. - Aaron Rian

Takeaways + Tactics

  • You can use ISA's to do more than just scrub leads or increase response time.
  • ISA's can actually generate and set 98% of the appointments your virtual agents take.
  • To branch out into certain areas like running ISA teams or building side businesses, you need to build your entrepreneurial skill set, not just your sales skill set.


At the start of the show, Aaron shared his team’s structure and distribution of virtual agents and in-office agents. Next, we talked about how his team uses the ISAs as the front end of their prospecting process, how to run each department like a separate business and why it’s hard to out-recruit a team like Aaron’s.

We also discussed:

  • Why being good at real estate doesn’t translate to entrepreneurial prowess
  • Aaron’s team’s use of Transaction Coordinators
  • How Aaron built a digital media agency

By putting more training into your ISAs, you can get them to speak intelligently enough to the lead to get them interested in the company and interested enough in the agent that they want the appointment. Instead of seeing them as people who are in charge of your response time, think of them as the front end of your whole business. When you start to run each of your departments like they are standalone businesses, the performance, ROI and conversion rates will go through the roof.  

Guest Bio
Aaron is the Operating Principal at the Rian Group, Best Selling Author and Talk Radio Show Host. His clientele consist mostly of athletes, corporate executives and high net worth individuals from around the world. Go to http://theriangroup.com/ for more information or call 503-343-1666 with any referrals.


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