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How to Lead at a Higher Level w/Tom Cafarella

November 16, 2017

A lot of team leaders make the mistake of obsessing over who is consuming their coaching content. What metric should you actually be paying attention to? How do you get people on your team to buy into your coaching? If you want to level up, do you bring on more people or do you go deeper on training the ones you have? On this episode, we are joined by Tom Cafarella to discuss how he can get his brokerage to reach their goal of doubling their conversion ratio.

You have to lead the current people at a higher level, before bringing in more people to lead. -Greg Harrelson

Takeaways + Tactics

  • The first part of script memorization is muscle memory
  • When coaching: Be attached to what you’re delivering, not what people are consuming.
  • Set standards based on an agent’s activity-- not an agent’s production.

At the start of the show, we talked about how Tom built a machine of motivated seller leads, and why the first key to success is taking action. Next, we talked about a process for memorizing a script and how to create validation by investing in a few select people. We also discussed why it’s necessary to have 10 people buy into your coaching.

We also discussed:

  • Why the coach has to appear first
  • Why you should change up one thing in your accountability system
  • How to coach the people you have at a higher level
  • Tom’s lead sources

When you are trying to level up and increase your conversion ratio, hiring doesn’t solve the problem. You have to lead your existing team members at a higher level first. It can be easy to get caught-up obsessing over whether enough people are consuming your coaching. As the leader, ask yourself what activities are going to make the agent successful and hold them to those activities. If they’re not willing to live up to at least one small standard, you need to talk to them about whether they’re a right fit for the company.

Guest Bio

Tom is the owner/broker of Cameron Real Estate Group. He is an investor, trainer, residential team leader and seller lead gen expert. "Cameron Real Estate Group was founded in 2004, and began working with homeowners facing mortgage related issues in 2007 when the Boston real estate market began its decline. For more information go to http://www.tomcafarella.com/ or Realestateinvestingiseasy.com.