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How to Get Over 30 Listings a Month Without a Single Outbound Call w/Jan Pitman

June 8, 2017

The three reasons people get into business are the very three reasons they fail out so quickly. How do you make sure the freedom actually leads to productivity? How do you find your highest leverage when it comes to time? Why is it so necessary to commit to some kind of schedule? On this episode, Jan Pitman shares her expertise and goes into detail about going from agent to entrepreneur.

"Not everyone wants to do a hundred deals and that’s okay." -Jan Pitman

Takeaways + Tactics
- 7 inbound calls would convert much better and much higher than 30 outbound calls.

- People get into business for freedom and flexibility, to be their own boss, and for unlimited income.

- One of the best ways to develop talent, and get the most out of people is by being an example.

At the start of the show, we talked about how Jan got started and why it’s important to collect data, and how to go about calling expireds and FSBOs. Jan also shared what her days look like, how she keeps her database engaged and how she was able to find the most valuable skill she can leverage. We also discussed the importance of ramping up your outbound lead generation, and towards the end of the show we talked about making sure the freedom of business doesn’t affect your productivity.

We also spoke about:
-Developing multiple income streams
-Why it’s okay not to want to do 100 deals
-Why ritual is all about consistency
-Why you have to focus on some kind of process

People get into business because they want freedom and flexibility, to be their own bosses, and to get unlimited income. Ironically, those are the same things that actually ruin their businesses. After you get your license, freedom is earned by the activities you actually engage in. For that to happen, you have to focus on some kind of process. Do an activity that generates income, allows you to leverage yourself and also educates your team at the same time.

Guest Bio:
Jan Pitman is a Myrtle Beach Real Estate agent from CENTURY 21 The Harrelson Group. 843-424-2545 or email c21janpitman@gmail.com.