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How to Build a High Retention Profit Machine with Leverage & Recruitment w/Jon Cheplak

November 30, 2017

We’re in the most over-trained and over-skilled business, but people still aren’t doing what they need to do to succeed in real estate. What’s holding people back from growing in the business? How do you transition from managing people to managing the systems that manage the people? Why does everything start with trusting yourself? On this episode, we are joined by superstar coach, Jon Cheplak who shares on the critical pieces that drive productivity and profit in a real estate business.

People don’t believe what they’re told-- they believe what they experience. Create an experience of what it’s going to be like when they join before they join. -Jon Cheplak

Takeaways + Tactics

  • The ceiling of a company or team is their capacity.
  • Trust yourself and pour your energy into your own systems and processes before you do anything else.
  • It takes 14 contacts on average before an experienced agent makes a move.

At the start of the show, we talked about how leverage creates the freedom to scale up. Next, we talked about the relationship between trust and capacity, and how to get people to trust you in a tense environment. Jon also talked about the importance of going into response mode and not reaction mode when things don’t go right. Towards the end, we discussed why developing leadership is such a tough job, and why you should ask how you’re going to replace yourself in your business.

We also spoke about:

  • Why you need attach to the process and detach from the outcome
  • Filters for an incoming agent
  • Why revenue producing leaders have to be recruiters

Finding people to work for you is easy, but finding the right talent that you can train to become leaders in their own right is hard. When you can find someone who demonstrates commitment and grit, you’ve found an important resource. When you trust yourself and pour yourself into your system, it’s inevitable that other people will trust you and your process too. People who are happy with your leadership work better, won’t leave you and will actually recruit for you. Recruiting is an inside-out job before it’s an outside-in job. How you carry yourself and communicate with others will play a large role in attracting talent to your team.

Guest Bio
Jon Cheplak is recognized for his success in real estate leadership and recruiting. He’s a speaker, coach, trainer & consultant for top real estate companies. Go to www.threesecretstoprofits.com for access to Jon’s resource of building profit, or go to http://www.cheplaklive.com/ for more information.