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From Top Producer to Business Owner w/Juan Martinez

April 13, 2017

If you’re not careful with the growth metric you use, your business might take the wrong direction. What is the true measure of success for a good team? How does a home environment negatively affect production and income? What does it take to develop a real estate career that’s worth owning? On this episode, Juan Martinez shares his growth and management strategies, and how he successfully went from top producer to business owner.


With a lack of inventory, buyers are cheating on their agents and going to the listing agent to be able to put offers on those listings. -Juan Martinez

Takeaways + Tactics

  1. Be specific and intentional with the metrics you use to measure whether you’re actually performing or growing the business the right way.
  2. Technology is equipping the consumer with more knowledge and that’s making them seek out true professionals.
  3. Agents have to list properties, get the listings sold and put buyers on their contracts. In this market, focusing on number 1 allows 2 and 3 to happen automatically.

At the start of the show, Juan shared on the background of his team and their production, and how his business is based on helping agents make $100,000 or more a year. Next, we talked about the lessons he learned from his past, and how he has implemented these things into his business. He shared on the current market, the lack of inventory and how his agents use that to their advantage. Towards the end of the show, Juan shared his experience of having a home office, and why he will never do it again.

We also shared insights on

  • The importance of measuring success the right way
  • How consumers are getting smarter when it comes to hiring agents
  • The power of cleaning up your backyard first

The most important thing influencing Juan Martinez’s growth, is how he’s making it about the agents not about himself, by providing them value and a growth path. By focusing on generating the listings, in a low inventory market - the rest of process is taken care of. Juan also uses the strategy of cleaning up his backyard first before expanding into new markets. With patience and persistence, and laser focus, it will be possible to keep clipping off more and more of the market share.

Guest Bio-

Broker/Owner of Century 21 Martinez & Associates in Las Vegas. #1 Hispanic Agent in the Silver State as well as the #1 Hispanic Agent in the country per the recent Wall Street Journal Real Trends Report. Platinum member of NAHREP, former President and Vice Chairman on the NAHREP National Board of Directors.

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