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Chat-Bots, Facebook Messenger, ISA’s & The Future of Real Estate Lead Gen w/Michael Reese

March 16, 2017

The most left out client in the relationship management conversation is the home owner. How do you own that relationship, and apply a strategy towards winning the crowd? What is digital custody, and how does it help agents design a customer experience? On this episode Michael Reese talks simplifying your value prop, using bots to have strategic conversations and expansion through geo-targeting.

You have to be able to narrow down your lead gen strategy to geo-region, and then be able to duplicate it to every similar region. -Michael Reese

Takeaways + Tactics

  1. Chat-bots and ISA's combined can create a seamless interaction for the consumer.
  2. They key to the future of real estate is building relationships not with home buyers or sellers, but with home OWNERS.
  3. Never expand without a proven, leveraged lead gen model and an Ideal Client Profile you can duplicate in other markets.

At the start of the show, Michael shared on the basis of digital custody, and how he designs the customer experience by simplifying the value prop. Next, we shared on winning the crowd by leveraging community, “we are connected to everyone with the world, but we’re choosing to spend time with smaller groups that are more focused on the conversations we want to have.” We also talked about creating client dialogue by using anticipated and already asked questions. We also shared why SMS is on its way out, and how to avoid dropping the ball in the hand-off between the chat-bot, the ISA and the agent.

Michael also shared on;

  • The importance of starting and nurturing relationships with homeowners
  • How to have strategic conversations using chat-bots
  • Playing up the Facebook community
  • Geo-targeting and its role in expansion

Winning over the crowd is your path to area and market domination, and it has to do with your custody of the client’s perceived desire. You also win the crowd by standing on something and delivering on that promise. From a scalability perspective, it’s wiser to pinpoint a geo-targeted area, master that system and then clone it to get scale. In order to have predictability and scalability everything has to be dialed in. Digital custody is about owning the relationship, having accountability and predictability to dominate.

Guest Bio

While working with Keller Williams, Michael’s team was repeatedly ranked in the top five in the southwest region. He and his team broke the record for buyer sales set by one of the largest Keller Williams franchises in the world, and ultimately became recognized as one of Keller Williamsʼ Top 50 agents in the world. In 2015, Michael set out to create an Inside Sales Department for a brokerage in a new market, focused on building a solid nurture pipeline and maximizing listing appointments. 14 months later, his brokerage is set to close 500+ transactions... Go to InsideSalesPredictability.com for more info.