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We’re all leaders because we lead ourselves. Why do you have to be a good self-leader before you’re qualified to lead others effectively? What makes someone a great leader? On this mini-episode, we talk about how to be a better leader, and the secret so few people know about leadership.

Takeaways + Tactics

  • You have to be an effective self-leader before you lead others because it gives you credibility.
  • If you’re having trouble leading others, you have problems with self-leadership.
  • You must be the example for other people to follow.  

A lot of people have a hard time attracting loyal followers because they weren’t followers themselves in the first place. They don’t lead themselves, and that makes it impossible for them to lead others. The truth about leadership is you become better by becoming a great learner, and a great player who follows a great coach. It all starts with you, so ask yourself if you’re a great follower of the things that you say and if you have integrity with the things you tell people do.

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The Value of Culture w/Rett Harmon

Like it or not, every company has a culture. How do you build a good company culture intentionally? How can you become a community expert in your market? On this episode, we are joined by agent and team co-broker owner, Rett Harmon, who shares on how to be authentic and how he was able to build a company he enjoys.


You need to be same person that you are online as you are offline. - Rett Harmon


Takeaways + Tactics

  • Company culture is either built by design or by default.
  • Owning the market starts with owning the minds of your community.
  • When you’re authentic, you attract people who really fit in with your culture.

At the start of the show, Rett shared his team structure and how every business has a culture either built intentionally or unintentionally. Next, we talked about how his team uses community content to position themselves as experts. Towards the end, Rett talked about the importance of being a consistent brand.

We also discussed:

  • How to know if your community content is effective
  • The importance of authenticity
  • Developing an intake criteria for your recruits

Building and sustaining a culture is all about authenticity, and that starts with how the leaders show up and present themselves. If who you are online is different from who you are offline, that inconsistency will show. You don’t have to be everything for everyone, but you do have to find your own lane and own it. Invest in people who share the same values as you and your team. All these things are necessary as you design your team culture.

Guest Bio
Rett Harmon has been a licensed real estate professional for 15 years in the both Georgia and Alabama. He is both an active agent and co-owner of CENTURY 21 Novus Realty. Go to https://www.c21novus.com/ for more information.



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Anticipating the Obstacle and Creating the Solution

This is the time of the year where we evaluate the market for potential risks, and a huge one right now is the risk for low inventory. Why is it so important to plan ahead for these events? How do you fortify yourself from the eventual reduction in inventory? On this episode, we talk about the importance of being ready for potential market risks.

When I’m already solving a problem that doesn’t yet exist, the problem never appears. -Greg Harrelson

Takeaways + Tactics

  • There’s a lot of quick, easy money on the buyer’s side right now, so people don’t think they need listings.
  • If the market continues to rise, sellers are going to slow the pace of houses on the market because they are playing the market for appreciation.
  • The two most effective ways to generate leads in a low-inventory environment are expireds and FSBOs.

The goal in business is to always start working a plan as if an upcoming obstacle is there now. You have to set up the systems right now to combat the risks when they do appear. Just because there’s a lot of buying happening right now, don’t fall into the trap of not building up your listings. If inventory to sell runs out, you’re in a better position if you’ve been cultivating listings. Right now, you have a good story to tell sellers in prospecting which is that prices are increasing and inventory is low, so their house could be worth more. That’s a winning script.