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The Race to Relevance: Why Relevance to the Consumer is the Key to Scale, Team Building & Expansion w/Century 21 CEO Rick Davidson

There’s a lot of momentum around teams and scalability right now, but is this conversation giving enough attention to relevance? Are you building a real estate business on the right foundation? On this episode, Century21 CEO, Rick Davidson shares valuable insights on real estate teams, leadership at a global scale, and why everything comes down to relevance to the consumer.


How do we stay nimble enough as a really big company, in order to respond to the speed of the market, at the speed of the customer? -Rick Davidson

Takeaways + Tactics

  1. If you're not relevant to your customer, you're not going to be able to scale. If you're a broker, keep an eye on the consumer and helping the agent be more relevant to them.
  2. Agent teams have to understand that brokers have to be profitable. You cannot build a team model that doesn't allow the broker to make a profit.
  3. Many people talk about scaling, growing and developing multiple streams of income - they forget that they actually have to execute.

At the start of the show, Rick shared how he helps the team keep their eyes on the summit. “You have to understand where your organization is going in the long-term, and ensure you have frequent and consistent messaging.” He also shared how the organization keeps itself nimble to move with the market. Next, we talked about scalability, and how it relates to relevancy. We went on to talk about teams, “you as an individual, need to be as strong a member of that team as everyone else.” Towards the end of the show we discussed how market disruptions can be prevented by being more relevant, and getting ahead of the needs of the consumer.

Rick also shared insights on:

  • Getting agents focused in the right direction
  • Establishing goals to achieve the overall vision
  • How the agent’s relevance to a consumer connects to the broker’s relevance to the agent
  • The proliferation of teams in real estate
  • How value takes care of the compensation conversation
  • How brokers can be more relevant to agents
  • How Rick stays energized and maintains his enthusiasm for life and work
  • The importance of doing good and doing good business

The market is ripe for external disruption, and that only happens when the market gives room for it. We must anticipate disruptors, and understand what’s needed to be relevant to the consumer. We must position ourselves to provide a distinct and unique service by building the right structures for win-win scenarios for the broker, agent and consumer. The agent has to be relevant to the consumer. The broker has to be relevant to the agent by providing the culture, platform, tools and resources to flourish.

Guest Bio

Rick Davidson was appointed President and Chief Executive Officer of Century 21 Real Estate LLC a wholly owned subsidiary of Realogy Corporation (NYSE: RLGY) in February 2010. In his role, Davidson leads the world’s largest real estate franchise organization of approximately 6,950 independently owned and operated offices and more than 106,000 independent sales professionals in 76 countries and territories worldwide. For more information, send an email to  askrick@century21.com.



How to Teach Agents the Killer Instinct to Convert Leads w/Mark Martin

For Mark Martin, there is a huge difference in outcome when he makes calls and when an ISA does it. The difference is the killer instinct. How does he define this instinct, and can it be taught? On this episode we go deep on converting leads, leveraging the pain of not meeting a goal, and the challenges buyer’s agents face.

If you can’t expose an agent to the killer instinct, expose them to winning. When people are excited and part of something bigger, that’s huge. -Mark Martin

Takeaways + Tactics

  1. Buyer’s agents face the challenge of staying in communication and following up for a full 12-18 months.
  2. When your goals are no longer about your livelihood, they become about bringing other people up and helping them achieve their goals.
  3. It’s not about growing your leads, it’s about growing your audience because they are the ones that engage with the content, and need to see you as an authority.

At the start of the show Mark shared how he built his business from the ground up to a virtual team of 4 with $40 million in production. We also shared on the shiny object syndrome, and the reasons Mark makes listing calls instead of an ISA. We went on to talk about coaching agents to reach their goals and why it has to do with pain avoidance. At the end of the show we talked about the importance of growing an audience and becoming an authority.

On this episode we also talked about:

  • The power of exposing agents to a winning environment
  • The struggle of connecting goals to daily actions
  • How to get the most out of every “no” by attaching a value to it
  • The importance of being able to stay in communication and follow up for 12-18 months

The avoidance of the psychic pain of not achieving is the root of the killer instinct. When agents are put in an environment where that value is taught, and the joy of winning is experienced, they can develop it. The pain of not reaching the goal has to be greater than pain of the required activities. Once agents hone in on that, their ability to pounce on an opportunity becomes second nature.

Guest Bio

As one of Austin’s Leading Real Estate Professionals, Mark focuses on maintaining the highest level of integrity in his business. Mark believes that his 17 years of Senior Sales and Management experience in several Fortune 1000 companies have given him the edge in negotiation and presentation skills. In fact, Mark’s Listings sell for more than 98.7% of List Price, and his Buyer’s average savings of over 8% off of List Price! Email markmartinonline@gmail.com or search for “Mark Martin Remax" on Facebook.


Leadership Fundamentals, Starting With One Day & Growth by Osmosis w/George Morris

With a team of over 1,100 across multiple states, George Morris has leveraged leadership, talent and the idea that you can do anything for one day. What are the practices and fundamentals behind his team’s success, and what can agents trying to move to the next level learn?

Our company is built on the premise that I can do something for at least a day, and if I can put enough of those days together, I can make a great month and a great quarter. -George Morris

Takeaways + Tactics

  1. Most of us are comparing ourselves to other people, but the real measuring stick is what you've done against what you could have done.

  2. The key to exponential growth is leadership - duplicating yourself by creating leaders who create leaders.

  3. Commission and value are always in proportion. If there’s a high level of value based on who you are to a client, you’re going to get the commission you want.

On this episode we discussed:

  • How George’s Everest Group got started
  • How he built his company on the premise of doing anything for one day
  • The leadership vision he has for his team
  • Why it’s easier to do 100 deals than 25 deals
  • The connection between value and commission
  • Helpful books and resources

The only way an organization becomes invaluable is when it helps people get to the next level of their lives. George Morris built his business on the drive to build up from one good day, and grew his team organically on the principle of setting one appointment a day.

The ability to systematize and continuously duplicate leadership fundamentals has also been key. This stays in line with the greater mission of the company; helping every individual and agent become their best. If you’re looking to build a team of any size, this episode will be incredibly helpful and motivating!

Guest Bio

George Q. Morris, Founder and CEO of Century 21 Everest Realty Group, is a dynamic, purpose-driven leader with over two decades of experience in real estate. His leadership skills range from creating and managing small real estate sales teams to owning and expanding large, multi-office residential real estate brokerages with additional property management, commercial brokerage, relocation and corporate services. Go to http://c21everest.com/ for more information or email georgemorris@century21.com. You can also listen and subscribe to his podcast Elevate Your Real Estate on iTunes.


Hoss Pratt on the 4 Levels of Learning & Mastering the Basics

When an agent has mastered the basics and built a strong foundation, the next step is leveling up. What is the process of taking that next step to build a team and become an entrepreneur? On this episode we discuss skill stacking, the 4 levels of learning and DISC profiles with real estate and business coach Hoss Pratt.

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Be the master of repetitious boredom. Be obsessed with being bored and doing the same thing over and over. -Greg Harrelson

Takeaways + Tactics

  1. Your goal is to become a skillionaire before you become a millionaire.
  2. The future of real estate is putting effort into expanding the pool of ideal clients that know who you are before their needs come up. The process isn't just lead conversion, it’s lead identification.
  3. Stop competing on data and using the MLS as a value differentiator. Think less about the data and more about the expertise.

On this episode we discussed:

  • The skills, mindset and tactics necessary for leveling up
  • The steps you need to take from being a great agent, to a top producer and then an entrepreneur
  • Becoming comfortable with the challenges that come with the growth of your business
  • The power of repetitious boredom
  • Increasing conversion and becoming a good leader
  • Using DISC profiles to help agents find their best lead gen levers
  • The future of real estate

At every level of growth in a business, there are skills you have to learn, develop and master. Mastering the real estate skills gets you to the $10 million dollar level. To go beyond that, you have to learn the skill of leadership, delegating, growing and helping other people. Your goal is to become a skillionaire before you become a millionaire. Remember, you’re always in some phase of learning and failing, and if you’re not learning and failing, your business is not growing.

Guest Bio

Hoss is a nationally known authority when it comes to lead generation and lead conversion. He has demonstrated, and proven time and time again during his stellar 12 year career that using his revolutionary strategies can move brokers and agents from stuck to super-charged in just months. What separates Hoss from all other coaches, real estate trainers, and so-called ‘gurus’ is his ability to get results FAST. He’s presented over 1,100 sold-out webinars and online events, conducted over 1,300 live seminars in 48 states, knocked on over 100,000 doors, made over 200,000 prospecting/sales calls, presented at 2,150 kitchen tables, and personally trained thousands of successful agents and industry professionals. Go to hosspratt.com for more information.