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When You’re Tired of the Grind: How to Create Come-List-Me Content w/Frank Klesitz

March 1, 2018

Most agents think the only asset their business needs is their skill. How does this set you up for a business that requires you to always be on the hunt? How can you use content to position yourself as an expert and attract business this way? Why is it dangerous to go into real estate only looking out for yourself? On this episode, we are joined by Frank Klesitz who shares his insights on the smart way to get out of the grind.

The asset is not how many people you know-- it’s how many people know you. - Frank Klesitz

Takeaways + Tactics

  • You can scale a message, but you can’t scale a relationship.
  • Attention is an expensive thing to earn.
  • Your content doesn’t have to be ground breaking-- it just has to come from you in an authentic way.


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At the start of the show, we discussed how the word “grind” is just a perception, and the importance of starting to plan for your future right now. Next, we talked about how to define a real asset in business. Towards the end, we talked about how to go about finding content topics and what it takes to create valuable content.

We also discussed:

  • How to monetize the “no’s”
  • How to get people to spend time with you online
  • The drawbacks of one-to-one prospecting

When you go from agent to entrepreneur, one of the key things you realize is that you have to build an asset that goes beyond your skill. The real asset is how many people know who you are, spend time with you, and trust you. If you want to be successful, start scaling your message in some way, and get good at publishing and making people spend time with you online. Think about being an expert provider of really helpful content that’s so good that people would be willing to pay to receive it. The real asset in business is a thriving audience of people who want to buy what you sell.

Guest Bio
Frank Klesitz is the CEO and co-founder of Vyral Marketing. Go to getvyral.com for more details.