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The Art of Relentless Prospecting

July 13, 2017

Many real estate agents prospect for appointments but end up fearing the appointment itself. Why is that? How can we overcome our fear of rejection and make it work for us? Can building a boring day-to-day life really make us successful? In this episode we reframe rejection and boredom as the key to success.

If you will go ahead and master the listing presentation first, then you're excited to make the call. - Greg Harrelson

Takeaways + Tactics

- Agents gravitate toward buyers to avoid rejection and limit their personal growth and their business all at the same time.

- Even when you lose a listing, sellers aren't rejecting you, they are rejecting your WORDS - something you said during the listing consultation.

- Boredom is about YOU. Change your focus to the people you are serving and you won't feel boredom.


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First we talked about building a career out of prospecting and the newfound prospecting generation with real estate agents. We also discussed the benefits of prospecting and its sticking points. Next, we talked about why some people subconsciously avoid prospecting and getting a listing appointment. We agreed that by mastering the listing presentation, then you’ll be less hesitant to get on the phone and get that appointment. We also mentioned how empathy and creating a prospecting ritual can not only benefit the client but also the agent themselves. Finally, we mentioned how appreciation for that style of work grows over time as you get more and more committed to your prospecting ritual.

On this episode we also discussed:

  • How failure to follow up can lead to losses
  • Overcoming the fear of rejection
  • The importance of consistency
  • Sustainable boredom and its benefits
  • Minimizing distractions through rituals
  • and much more

It’s critical to be consistent and persistent at the same time. Rejection is something we will all have to face at some point - so it's important to reconsider the way we think about being rejected and focus on how to avoid that rejection for the next listing.

And when we talk about consistency, most of the time, boredom has to be a part of the conversation as well. Being boring is now a sustainable choice and a sensible solution for a business. It's all about installing some variety in your boring day-to-day activities. Mastering that balance and shifting your perspective on rejection and boredom can be a solid way to get more listings and build a successful real estate business.