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Hoss Pratt on the 4 Levels of Learning & Mastering the Basics

When an agent has mastered the basics and built a strong foundation, the next step is leveling up. What is the process of taking that next step to build a team and become an entrepreneur? On this episode we discuss skill stacking, the 4 levels of learning and DISC profiles with real estate and business coach Hoss Pratt.

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Be the master of repetitious boredom. Be obsessed with being bored and doing the same thing over and over. -Greg Harrelson

Takeaways + Tactics

  1. Your goal is to become a skillionaire before you become a millionaire.
  2. The future of real estate is putting effort into expanding the pool of ideal clients that know who you are before their needs come up. The process isn't just lead conversion, it’s lead identification.
  3. Stop competing on data and using the MLS as a value differentiator. Think less about the data and more about the expertise.

On this episode we discussed:

  • The skills, mindset and tactics necessary for leveling up
  • The steps you need to take from being a great agent, to a top producer and then an entrepreneur
  • Becoming comfortable with the challenges that come with the growth of your business
  • The power of repetitious boredom
  • Increasing conversion and becoming a good leader
  • Using DISC profiles to help agents find their best lead gen levers
  • The future of real estate

At every level of growth in a business, there are skills you have to learn, develop and master. Mastering the real estate skills gets you to the $10 million dollar level. To go beyond that, you have to learn the skill of leadership, delegating, growing and helping other people. Your goal is to become a skillionaire before you become a millionaire. Remember, you’re always in some phase of learning and failing, and if you’re not learning and failing, your business is not growing.

Guest Bio

Hoss is a nationally known authority when it comes to lead generation and lead conversion. He has demonstrated, and proven time and time again during his stellar 12 year career that using his revolutionary strategies can move brokers and agents from stuck to super-charged in just months. What separates Hoss from all other coaches, real estate trainers, and so-called ‘gurus’ is his ability to get results FAST. He’s presented over 1,100 sold-out webinars and online events, conducted over 1,300 live seminars in 48 states, knocked on over 100,000 doors, made over 200,000 prospecting/sales calls, presented at 2,150 kitchen tables, and personally trained thousands of successful agents and industry professionals. Go to hosspratt.com for more information.